... a great photographer and an excellent person to work with...

- Menka Soni

CEO & President 

I am Ravishing Woman Entrepreneur


We live in memories. Every laugh, every excitement, every celebration is glorious in its own merit.


I am a photo-enthusiast. It is my passion to sense the soul of the moment and store it in a time capsule called photograph. I love to offer these to my clients to help them reminisce those wonderful moments.

I will be glad to create these time capsules for you.


I offer a variety of photography services. Please check my portfolio. I customize the plans based on your specific needs and budget.


Videography is also one of my passions.


I have been involved in creating show trailers, dance videos, short movies and other videography projects..


Pictures bring back memories. Naturally we treasure our pictures, we are very attached and emotional about our pictures.

My ultimate motto is to make my clients happy. 

I start working with my clients long before the actual event or session and work together till the delivery to make sure they are satisfied with the result. 


...one of the best photographers we have here, added with his passion to create with patience, humbleness and friendliness... always easy to approach and very accommodative...

-Suma Mondal,


Choreographer and Dance Teacher


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